Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Conversations with Kids

This conversaton took place between Mace and myself after Brave had been exiled to his room this morning for commiting acts of tenacious toddler badness.

Mace " Wonder-wets weevee,mama?" (Wonderpets movie, mama).
Me "No, not right now".
Mace " Whhyyyyyy?".
Me "Because I don't know where it is(lying)."
Mace "oohhh".
Me " Here, lets watch Sharktale instead."
Mace "okay, mama".

I dissapeared for 5 minutes to go hook up the propane tank and relight the furnace. When I came back in, Mace was sitting on the couch, pleased as punch, watching his 'Wonder-Wets weevee'.

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