Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my first 'bad dream'

Its 12:45 am and I am awaken by the cries of absolute fear coming from the room around the corner, my sons room. Before I can even get out of bed there is pounding on my bedroom door, quickly followed by the franting calling of my 21/2 year old son, Mace. "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!". My very non-observant spouse shoots me an annoyed glance after I tell her to open the door for Mace. Dazed and confused, she does it (she doesn't even have to get out of bed to read the knob). Mace flees into our room. I tell him to come over to me. He jumps into my arms and squeezes me so tight I almost choked. I kiss his forehead and he nestles in, falling back to sleep, peacefully, within seconds. My older son just turned 4. I've never had that happend before. Maybe its because there is usually a baby gate locking them in their room at night? We don't shut their bedroom door but HAVE to keep a baby gate up because Brave will get up sometimes and sleep walk. Its scary when you wake up in the morning and your kids ain't where ya left him! I guess we forgot to close it last night. I wonder if we keep it open if Mace will make his way to our bed more often?

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  1. Oh, poor little guy. My 3 1/2 daughter started having bad dreams and I worry for her, because her father's had night-terrors his whole life.