Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Magical Moments with wee ones.

I'm sure i'm not alone when I say I want my families life to be magical, especially my kids (but me too... I do believe in faeries I DO, I DO). This morning as been good. Its getting chilly here in the desert, which is a rare occurance. So I make sure to take advantage of it. My kids had hot cereal and hot cocoa with marshmellows. They went out side with me to 'help' me hang the laundry, wearing homemade mittens to protect their tiny hands from the cold, wet laundry. They ran in front of me, towing their little wagons to help mama gather firewood for tonight. From there, we went to feed the chickens. Mace LOVES feeding the chickens. I get so warm watching him concentrate on being gentle as he scoops out fists fool of feed, gently placing it on the ground for the ladies. He smiles and watches as they gobble up every morsel. Then we head back inside. These are rare moments. There were't any tears. There wasn't any shoving or fightnig over toys. It was magical. And while I know it won't last, i'm going to wrap myself up in this moment like a warm blanket and breathe in what is, at present, perfect.

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  1. Sounds absolutely perfect, handmade mittens and all.