Tuesday, November 6, 2012

whats been going on here!

ive been ignoring this blog as of late, spending most of my time on my homesteading blog.

with that being said theres probably slme stuff that i can post here!

first off the house is coming along nicely. as far as the interior goes we are almost finished. just need to paint and and add two doors! ...and make a decision about flooring.

we have put baby making on the back burner to pursue adoption again. I still want to have a baby but at this point I feel adoption is a better fit for our family ( of course that depends on how this election turns out).

Ive taken a step backwards in how we live. the cheapest way to get off of the grid is to simply unplug. Our washing machine broke a few weeks ago.  it has been replaced with a 100+ year old wringer!

sorry this post is boring!! lol there really isnt anything exciting going on right now.

Holiday knitting will be coming up soon....

p.s i want a wall mounted clothes dryer.

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