Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its TTC time again!

Lover and I decided we'd try to get knocked up again this fall. I'm definitely going to try in September and possibly again in November.

This means of course That I have to start my baby dust hope.chest knitting again ( especially since I've given about 60% of what I've made so far to friends that came up pregnant!).

All I Have left really is the abundance of cloth diapers, and that's because my preggo buddies aren't going that route.

So- as soon as I finish a couple baby gifts, and a belated mothers day gift ( socks) I will start posting pictures of little knits that make me smile.

I'm going to start my OPKs this month ( ovulation prediction kits) as well as taking prenatal vitamins.  I've already switched to half-caf ( which I hate).

I've also decided to try soy isoflavones for my September cycle. Its used as an herbal/natural form of clomid, a fertility drug that aids  ovulation. Its supposed to increase cervical mucous and help follicles to mature quicker. I've found no solid evidence that it actually works but I'm willing to give it a try anyhow.

Stay tuned!

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