Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun with plying!

Remember when I posted a bunch of yarn my sons bus driver gave me (maybe I didn't mention it...)?

Well I decided to play a little with my homemade drop spindle.

This was my first attempt.  Not to shabby I say! I washable to get a pretty balanced and even yarn.
At first my spindle had just the wooden car wheel as the "whorl"(I think that's what its called ). But I added a CD in order to spin larger amounts.  I like the added weight of the CD and te electrical tape I used to hold it in place ( no rubber washer to fill the center CD space so I used tape instead).

I spun some more today. One of the yarns may or may not be cotton. I hope it is because then I can dye it, hopefully losing its somewhat dated appearance.  I'll have to be sure to pick up some kool-aid and white vinegar at the store tonight!

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