Monday, September 19, 2011

Tiny Kitchens!

We have 14 days left on our escrow. Wow.

Its a pretty tiny house. If lived in a tiny house before. I lived in a tent. I lived in HALF a converted garage. I lived in a motorbike in about 80 SF of usable space ( with Lover and two cats). I can do tiny.

The one This g I'm going to miss about my current rented home is the open kitchen ( and the creek in the back yard. And the complete lack of neighbors. And the quail jackrabbits cottons tails that call my front yard home).

So the new kitchen is going to about the size of the kitchen in an R.V. it opens up into the living room so it doesn't seem so tiny.

But here are a couple tiny kitchen pics I adore. Lover and I differ greatly on decorating an style. I LOVE bright open spaces and color. Lover preferes a dark cabin woody cave sort of look. This is what I had in mind. What do you think?
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  1. i think you should DEFINITELY hang a chandelier in your kitchen.

  2. hopefully you all realize that motorbike is motorhome. i wasnt being allowed to edit! lol

  3. I love the green walls! Totally bright and fun!