Saturday, September 17, 2011

It started with a sink.

Last year Lover and I bought a ramshackle homestead cabin. We intended on restoring it to its mid century glory, but decided its location was just too far away. We let the property go, but not before finding an awesome 1950s pink bathroom sink.

Now, we're in escrow on a property that's much closer ( and a little larger). Its torn down to the studs inside so is essentially a blank slate.

Lover wanted to make it look sort of mountain cabin-like inside. I thought this was bizarre since its NOT the mountains.its the desert.

While cleaning and packing we ran across our pink sink. Which then led to needing a tub. We found a powder blue cast iron 1950s tub. So while Lover really wanted that mountain retreat in the desert, I may be getting my midcentury palette afterall. And I owe my thanks to a dusty 60 year old pink sink.
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