Wednesday, September 7, 2011

book nerdiness

When a series comes to an end my heart breaks. Ever read Misery? Yeah. Its that bad.

I stalk the pages of the authors desperate to find an update about a new release in the series. While I haven't jumped completely over the edge into reading fan fiction, I'm almost there.

One of my all.time.favs has come to an end but before my lament could take hold the author reveals a spin off trilogy in the making, as well as two additional books in the series!! This time my heart skipped a beat! Yay! This particular series is called the ' fever' series by Karen Marie Mining.

Another series I'm lookingforward to release day is H&W investigations series by Jess Haines. I think I saw 3 more books in that one.

Then there's the next Mercy Thompson book by Patricia Briggs, though that one is a long time coming.

So if you're a super nerdy birdy like me, you've spotted the urban fantasy trend that males up my reading palette.

Don't judge.

What's your favorite series? Got any recommendations? I need something to fill the void until the next book release.
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