Monday, August 29, 2011

learning to not hate the little pink line.

I had two negative pregnancy tests this Well. I know. Why two, right? One was an early detection and the second was a regular one.

Its easy to say " I hate you , little pink line. HATE YOU."

But really? That's just not fair. Its not Pink Lines fault. Pink line is probably incredibly lonely and would like nothing more than another pink line to show up to keep it company.

I mean, Pink Line probably has huge therapy bills, what with the constant loathing of TTCers the world over. Nobody ever thinks about Pink Line.

So. Pink Line, let me be the first ( and probably only) woman to apologize for the misdirected hate. I'll open a PayPal donation button to help pay for your therapy and prozac. After all, Its not your fault. We shouldn't hate you.

Its Mr.Sperms fault. We hate him.
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Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

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