Saturday, August 27, 2011

battle of rationale v. Romanticism

We went to look at another property today. Wow.

Not the good kind of wow either. The actual property was descent. It had many large mature trees. The acre it sits on was. Completely fenced. There was a separate fenced backyard, chicken coop and goat area out of chain link.

But that house.

Lord have mercy.

The dreamy romantic part of me sees opt and thinks " its a crapper but I can spin it into gold!" The pioneering part of me thinks " you can do this. Look what other people have done. Its a piece of history waiting for you to restore it!"

But the logical. ...rational. ..part of me thinks " are you fricking crazy!?! What the #@*%+&$@# are you thinking woman!?!"

Its small. Which I'm down with. It needs.....are you ready? It needs: floors roof wiring tear down of bizarre addition and rebuild of new addition ( or in our case shipping container master suite)

On the upside, the very low mortgage would allow us about $1,000 a month to put into it.

Decisions decisions.
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