Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The nuttiness of tryin to conceive.....revealed

In our modern day, advancements like IVF, sperm banks, artificial hormones And petri dishes allow nearly anyone who has been unable to conceive naturally a fighting chance.

And with ovulation prediction kits and online charting calenders to tell you when, Internet pages and YouTube videos to tell you how its damn near impossible to screw it up.

But something else happens. Something that we all do but none speak of. We Go nutty.

So desperate are we to see That second line that we go to the extremes. We buy home pregnancy tests in bulk. We test daily as soon as we get past our first week during the dreaded two week wait.

We Have pyschosematic pregnancy symptoms( usually just pms ).

We hold our tests up to the light because that faint shadow may indeed actually be the line we've been waiting for.

When That fails, we take the damn stick apart..... just to be sure.

And then we test again the next day.

Should our attempt at being up the spout actually fail, we replace peeing on sticks with consuming large quantities of cupcakes and wine.

But only for a week, because then we Have to clear our systems of the badness so that we can start peeing on sticks again to determine when our LH surge hits so the process can start all.over.again.

So there it is. The reality behind trying to get pregnant. And for those of us ' without a penis partner's or suffer from infertility it also carries a hefty price tag.

And so does adoption by the way. even though we are asked 'why don't you Just adopt ' the thing that some may not realize is infertility is covered by insurance for many. Adoption isn't.
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