Tuesday, July 5, 2011

adventures in baby making

I've been talking about getting pregnant for about a year And a half. It took me a year to convince Lover ( it was actually our ' baby ' nearing 4 that sealed the deal). Then there was planning, charting, saving money ( when you have to pay for conception it ain't cheap).

I've been sewing and knitting in the mean time to pass the time that brought me to today.

Today I start my OPKs ( ovulation predictor kit), and in about 23 minutes I order my sperm. Holy.Cow.

Its been a long time coming. Like everyone else who is TTC I hope it happens the first time. However, I'm realistic andrealize That while it does happen. Its rare.

I will most likely inseminate this weekend And then its the TWW, the dreaded two week wait to pee on a stick That will tell m if I'm knocked up.
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  1. Good luck to you. I've been trying the old fashioned for a year with no luck. Oh well... I hope your stick comes back positive!