Saturday, March 12, 2011

thrift store scores

I just can't pass up hand knit baby clothes... can't do it. To think I paid $1 each for these lovingly created tokens of knitted affection makes my heart hurt.....but only for a little while. There were three more but I couldn't justify buying 5 hand knit sweaters.. of course, thinking on it now, it seems like every other person I know is pregnant. Oh well! I'll. Have to do with two. I also bought a size 7 DPN set (7 needles) and some straight 5's for only $2.50. Again it took all my might to make an offer on the whole jar. I really didn't need another set of 10s or 6s.... but sometimes you lose a needle and that kind of blows, right? I dunno. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and buy them anyway.
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