Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teeny Tiny T-shirt Prefolds

My kids decided it would be a good idea to grow. I don't know why and I did try to stop them
I blame genetically modified foods. Anyway- I cleaned out their closet and anything with a " 3 " on it left the building. So what if they're 4 and 5. They were cute shirts!!

So into the donation bag they went. And like many things That find there way into the donation bag, slowly certain things began to find their way out again.

Mainly the t shirts with cute designs. I decided to turn them into itty bitty prefolds. I'm guessing they'll fit 0-3 months. After that they'll make great doublers! Wee ones go through A LOT of diapers so I figure even if they only fit for a month, they were worth it.
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