Sunday, March 13, 2011

damn you sweater! DAMN YOU!!! ……and damn me too.

Ten points ( and a surprise!) to you if you can guess which film I parodied that line from.

So. I know the point of gauge checks. And I did one ( sorta). The first time I attempted this pattern the Gauge was not correct. The yarn was not bulky enough. I trigger it and started over with new thicker yarn and needles two sizes smaller than what the pattern recommended! And its still too big.

So. I'm at a crossroads. Do I : A. Keep going knowing full well it wont fit me and just keep my fingers crossed that I'm knocked up by September ( then the baby bump and fabulous. Preggo boobs will fill it out) or gift it out to someone who will think its amazing ( because it will be).
B. Frog it again..... a second time, which very well end my sanity, my love affair with yarn and knitting, and quite possibly my life.
Or C. Put it in the back of the knitting cabinet And marinate on my little conundrum whilst working on something equally fulfilling and great that WILL fit because this time I'll do my gauge check the right way ( instead of half assing it like I usually do Andaman famous for.

What do you think? Inquiring minds want to know! Well-known *my* inquiring mind wants to know anyway. :-/
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