Saturday, February 19, 2011

a very good day

Today was pretty damned good. I let all but two of the goats out to browse on our unfenced land. They following me around never straying too far while I walked and pulled weeds and brush for the animals that didn't get to go out to play.

Chunk, our buck, and Lily, our new Angora, were not allowed out because I wasn't completely sure those two would follow me. I'm fairly confident that Lily would have bolted!

I took apart the doe pen for expansion. With kidding season on the horizon and the possible addition of a la mancha, a larger pen was in order. The Buck pen was here already, a fabulous six foot tall chain link dog kennel 16X16. He's a Nigerian so this size seems to suit him well. The doe pen was 12X14 with a 4X6 goat barn ( aka chicken coop). The new doe pen will be 16X 24 and the addition of kidding stalls. VERY GOOD DAY!!

While we expanded the horse corral for our new mustang colt it began to hail. Even that couldn't bring down my mood.

Now its cold. Our propane is gone so no hot shower. I didn't get to go to the faire for the livestock show. But you know what? Dinner is already made, there's a nice tasty malt beverage in my hand and my kids are playing in their room. Life is good. And as for finishing my doe pen? There is always tomorrow.
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  1. You're life seems so quaint and peaceful, I'm slightly jealous.