Monday, January 24, 2011

First goat emergency

My Buck Chunk broke off a scur today (a scurried is a small deformed sort of horn that grows back after an animal has been disbudded). What a bloody mess, on all accounts. My years as a veterinarian employee kicked into action as my parental panic volunteered temporarily for the back seat. I had the goats out grazing. I ran to the house and got a scoop of grain,a towel for his face and a box of corn starch. Tricking him back into his pen,I cornered him and hung his grain scoop. When he shoved his nose into the feeder I straddled him and doused his wounded head in cornstarch. His face looked a terrible mess. Blood running down his chinny chin chin all over the place. I tried to mop up his face but he wasn't having it so I just let him go not wanting to increase his blood pressure and thus bleeding.

On a happier note, our first batch of kids will be arriving in April, followed my more in may and June. These will be from Lucy,Zooey, then Poppy.

I decided to sell Klaus to make room for babies.

We pruchased some rabbits as well. We still need to buy a Buck before breeding can commence. Got some peanuts planted today and spinach, pumpkins, and snap peas were started over the weekend.

We've. Decided on a name for our endeavor, Rockabilly Ranch. What do you think?
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  1. I LOVE Rockabilly Ranch! Awesome name! I'm glad you have so much experience and were able to just go into FIX IT mode. I probably would've started crying and freaking out haha