Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Sucks

Tonight is the first night of class for the semester. I don't want to go. I'm only taking 2 classes, but what started out as 'enriching myself and getting a break from the kids' has begun to feel an awful lot like work. AND when I get home, lover hasn't done anything, so even though I get home from school about 10:30, I have to clean up after dinner, put Brave in a pull up (he still wets the bed at night, and no, taking the pull up away doesn't help so please don't suggest it), let the dogs out, etc. This is truth, but its also just excuses. I just want to sit home and be lazy and knit and sew and read. I'm now getting into the not-so-fun science classes that are HARD. I don't wanna go. I don't wanna!!!!!


Not to mention,  while working on a worthwhile degree, I could never get a job in the field (still no tattoo regrets), and it isn't in any way shape or form forwarding me to my true path of  midwiferiness(where tattoos are much more acceptable and easier to cover up).


I wonder if I can break the news to Lover tonight that I want to drop out..



  1. I attempted some classes with my husband's work a few years ago - it was horrible.

    I've got no suggestions, just a virtual shoulder to lean on.

    You should be so proud of yourself for doing this for yourself though!

  2. where are you taking classes? What are you majoring in? Lots of people in health have tattoos. Just gotta find the right place.

  3. @ Sheila- I'm majoring in Natural Resources Management at College of the Desert , A.S w/ transfer. I decided, however, to take this semester off to take some of my Midwifery/childbirth education classes instead.

  4. So, Midwifery/childbirth seems to be your passion. What is stopping you from pursuing that?

  5. @ Sheila- right now its all about $$$. I'm doing what I can but i'm saving for the school I want to go to. Hopefully but this time next year i'll be enrolled.