Sunday, August 15, 2010

A note on single motherhood

.......Bill O'Reilly is such an ass hat. Seriously? Single motherhood is destructive to society? SERIOUSLY!?!? NOT the fact that most single parents are so because daddy ran out?? Huh??? WHat about that Bill? WHAt about that!! Or is that the moms fault too? Can you NEVER find fault with what men do?

Not all dads are bad, I get that. But it isn't single paranthood thats drestuctive to society. Its the destruction of society that is making single parenthood. Some people chose to avoid the messiness that comes with having to have a significant other to parent. Some are devorced or widowed. This isn't 1950 Bill. I know you wish it were, but its not.

Yes. I was raised by a single mother. A teen, no less. And yes, daddy ran away after finding out he knocked up a kid. I am a healthy, well adjusted, educated woman who has a family of my own. No daddy needed. I do not underestimate the value of a two parent household (regardless of the sexes of such). It would have made my life easier. BUT- I did have 'father figures' in my life. I had uncles who filled that roll and most single parents have a brother/sister/friend that fills the role of opposite parental figure.

Do you really believe the gibberish you spew out each day, Bill? Or do you make yourself sound rediculous for ratings??? Either way, you sound rediculous so I guess thats all thaty matters.

Single mother causing the destruction of society..... good grief.....

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  1. your uncles were pretty awesome :) who needs daddy when there are REAL men around?