Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saving my sanity through homeschooling

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Its not as if its a completely foreign subject for me. I spent a year homeschooling my teenage brother for a year after our mom died and he was struggling to keep up acedemically. Brave is in special ed. preschool from 8-12n. During this time Mace gets extremely bored. Especially since this is also the time I check my email (which usually turns into a 2 hours blog read), clean up after breakfast, straighten up the rest of the house, etc. We did have our morning routine down taking care of the farm, but even that only takes about an hour on a daily basis, and I don't let the kids help with the stall/pen cleaning. A bored hyeractive 3yo equals an insane and frustrated mama. A happy engaged 3yo, equals a happy engaged mama! Just makes sense! Today is day 3 of our new pre-k homeschool routine and we are both happy as can be. After we get back from taking Brave to school, we pick a theme for the day and work on that for a couple hours. Then we have snack and a nap. WHen Mace wakes up, its potty time, then we read a book before we go pick up Brave from school. Come home, have play time outside, make lunch, followed by more play time outside. The rest is business as usual. The boys play in there room, I read or craft before starting dinner, etc..
Todays theme was the letter 'B'. We made a collage of things that start with B, as well as the color blue. We used a serving spoon to scoop black beans from a large bowl, to a smaller container for gross motor. We went on our nature walk and pick up goodies in our nature bag. And now, Mace is sleeping and the house is clean and quiet and I am AN IDIOT for not doing this sooner.. AN IDIOT!!!!

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