Saturday, October 24, 2009


Welcome to my first tutorial!! I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to hold on to my kids socks when I lost the mate. I'm sure I find it some day! But truth be told, I never do or by the time I do my kids have outgrown the darn socks!! SO- here is something I came up with to reuse the socks I keep..well.. keeping!!

First- I cut up bits of scrap fabric or fill with left over wool from Lamby (our sheep). Then I take a peice of yarn off of my many walnut sized balls and tie a not around where I would like the head to be. Wrap the yarn around several times and knot in several places.

Continue stuffing with scraps until you have the desired size. You can fit ALOT of scraps in these socks (these are 9-12mo hem, my kids are 2 and 4yo). After stuffing. I take a milk jug top and stuff it inside for a flat base. Then cute a circular peice of fabric to sew the milk jug top inside the sock body. (if you don't want to use milk jug tops, i've also sewn little round disks filled with rice,dried peas, etc. You can sew them inside fused plastic disks to make them washable).

This is what you'll get. I have to clothe my little buddies to make them look more complete, again utilizing fabric scraps. I prefere left over felted wool. Thats all there is to it!
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